Gender Roles

In our society, we’ve subconsciously decided what is appropriate or inappropriate for girls and boys. Gender roles are the the idea that women and men have to act or dress a certain way to fit the social norm. Many teens are still trying to figure out who they are, but these roles that society has instituted are restricting them from living their life as their true self. People say that masculinity should ONLY be for males and femininity is ONLY appropriate for females, but we shouldn’t be put in a box because everyone has the right to wear, like, and do what they want. If a boy wants to be a princess for Halloween then let him! If a girl wants to be Captain America then let her too! Everyone wants to do what makes them happy but too many people try to take away a person’s happiness.



I’m Sofia and I spend most of my time looking at memes on Tumblr. I’d really like to travel but as of now, I’ve never been outside the country. I really hope I’ll be able to travel in the future. I also like live music, and I actually went to a music festival last year. Recently I went to the Natural History Museum for First Fridays. There were bands playing and it was a great experience. Last weekend was my first VidCon, which is a YouTube convention in Anaheim, California. One of the panels I was able to see was called Race and Representation, and talked about why some people on YouTube decided to become a voice for youth online. One person in particular said that he wanted to break the stereotypes that the media had created for people of the same race as him and I thought that was awesome. Living in LA there is ALWAYS something to do, so I’m lucky enough to have experienced all these things.